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David Bruett has been meeting the insurance needs of individual and business clients for 15 years. As the owner and operator of his own firm, David works directly with all clients, getting to know them and their individual needs. Sometimes, clients know the exact insurance product they need. Other times, they seek the guidance of an expert in the insurance marketplace. Bruett works with all types of individuals—ranging from couples and families to business owners, to supply their insurance needs.

Bruett’s extensive experience as a client services representative in the insurance marketplace equips him with a perspective that is difficult to match. His aim is first to get to know each client personally, so as to thoroughly address his or her needs. Likewise, Bruett considers an entire company’s profile in order to recommend the most comprehensive and reasonable insurance products.

Bruett aims to educate his clients as part of the process. Additionally, Bruett’s experience allows him to access the resources of several companies, as well as to secure competitive rates for their products.

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