Personal Insurance

There are more personal insurance policies than meets the eye. Bruett offers coverage in many facets of life, including home, auto, condo, boat, umbrella and flood insurance policies. Because he works with many providers he can find the right homeowners or condo insurance policy for you and make sure that you’re not paying for services that you don’t need (such as to cover costs for damages already covered by a homeowners or condo association). There are many types of homeowners insurance (pertaining to homes, condos, landlord properties, etc.) and it is important to choose the right policy.

The type of insurance that’s right for you will depend on your assets and personal circumstances. Not having flood insurance can put you at a financial risk that could compromise your lifestyle in the event of a natural disaster, especially if you own property in a flood zone. There are a number of boat insurance policies available for all watercraft (including jet skies). These policies can cover things like property damage, personal liability, medical payments coverage, and uninsured boater coverage. Again, where you live and the specific type property you own will determine your coverage needs.

Finally, an umbrella policy might be right for you if you require excess liability coverage should a case be brought against you that places your assets at risk. An umbrella policy, as the name suggests, is comprehensive and covers over all your primary policies, covering things like bodily injury, landlord liability, and property damage. Bruett will evaluate your personal and financial profile and help you decide which is most appropriate for your situation.